What makes a video compelling? Is it the production quality or the message behind the story? 

It is really hard to tell what makes a video great. But what we know is we make videos that fit your business’ goals.  

Compumag wants to be your trusted partner when it comes to producing a video that delivers results. We are based in Ohio and we are headed by Michael Harold, a retired film producer himself. He brings his expertise gained through years of experience in making a substantial video- rich in quality and purpose. 

For over 5 years, we witnessed how our clients grow. By making videos, they were able to reach their target market and increase their revenue. Most of them happily reported to us that our video helped speed-up their return of investments.  We want you to experience the same level of success. Together, this is how we will do it: 

Video strategy 

A masterpiece starts with an idea, that’s what we do first. We will consult you and we will incorporate your output in our action plan. When we create a strategy, we need to have a clear target market, the right kind of video, and the right message to deliver. These three elements are extremely important to make our video not just rich in quality but can leave a significant emotional effect on the viewers. 


We provide all types of videos. We use the latest technologies to create a tailor-fit video to your objectives. From scriptwriting to editing, we handle everything. 

Video Promotion 

Yes, you have a great video but what will you do with it? We will not leave you hanging. We will help you in video marketing- distribution, advertising, YouTube and social media optimisation. 

Want to know more how we can help? Call or message us. We will be glad to talk to you.