How to Select Music Background for your Marketing Video

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A quality marketing video is not just about the visuals. The music and sound aspects of the video is as important as the video itself. The music helps convey the message of the video effectively. A music background that doesn’t sync with the phase and the mood of the story in the video is a major turn-off for many viewers. 

When choosing the right music, make sure you follow the law- don’t steal! Most music backgrounds and songs are copyrighted and you need to get the approval of the owner before you can use it. This is one reason why making your own background music can save you money. 

Here are some guidelines on how you can select background music for your marketing video: 

1. Understand the content of the video 

The background music should complement the message and the purpose of the video. There are different sets of music for videos that entertains, inspires, or inform the audience. Knowing what kind of video you have will make it easier for you to choose the right music. 

2.Understand the mood of the video 

Music sets the mood for the video. There are different types of music that compliments different emotional atmosphere: happy, relaxed, sad, or uplifting. Pick the right kind of music for different mood. There are so many music apps today that segregate the kind of music depending on the mood they inspire.

3. Understand the phase

The phase of the video depends on the story it tells. If the story is light and positive, a mellow music will work best. If the phase is fast and shows a happy mood, you can go for upbeat music. 

4. Choose a music that highlights the video, not the type that takes the attention away from it. This is the reason why most pop music is not being used deliberately as background music. Because the tune is so popular, the viewers got stacked with the song, but not on the message of the video. 

5. Do “collect and select” strategy.

Try as many music backgrounds that you think suit your video well. Plot each track as background for the video then see if it syncs based on the aforementioned guideline. Ask for opinion from other people. Get inspirations from a lot of video production companies online. Your creative team can help you identify which background music goes well with the video.  

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