Guidelines in Choosing a Video Production Company

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Hiring the right video production company is extremely crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. The video production company is not only limited to making the video. Some media houses give additional services to their clients for free. It is important that you set parameters as to which video production company to choose. The following guidelines can help you make a wise decision: 

Ask for a portfolio 

Check their previous works. See if their video matches the style of the video that you want. Most of the time, video samples are available on their websites. By viewing their previous works, you have an idea of how your video will look like. Their videos will clearly show what kind of company they are. 


The testimonials they put on their websites may be fabricated and does not really reflect the actual feedbacks of their past clients. If these clients will cooperate, they will give you honest feedback as to their experiences working with the production company. Happy clients mean that the production company is worth your time and money. 

Can they produce the video that you want? 

They have a nice portfolio and great feedback from their past clients. Now what? Go over their portfolio once again. Can you find a video that somehow matches your concept? If the video you are looking for is not there, describe to them the video that you want and ask them if they can do it. If they can, ask them what will be their plan to make it happen. Make sure that they are capable of making the video that you like. 

Determine How They Will Go About the Production Process 

You are hiring a video production firm because you are confident that they are experts in the entire process. When they brainstorm, see how they will plan so that your concept will be incorporated and the finished product will be the same as what you envisioned it to be. Ask important questions like:  

–    Do they have script writers, actors, directors, and other manpower needed to make the job easier and more efficient? 

–    What camera are they going to use? 

–    Are they going to use a quality editing software? 

–    Are they going to film on set or outdoors? 

–    What are the features and service costs that are not covered by your payment? 

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